Are HAIs Lurking on Your Imaging Table?
Healthcare associated infections (HAI) will account for 1.7 million infections this year and cause up to 99,000 patient deaths in the United States alone.
Patients in Motion: How to Stabilize Patients and Reduce Repeat Imaging
Reducing patient exposure to radiation is a high priority for any imaging department. Groups like Image Gently champion facilities that practice safe imaging.
Cincinnati Children’s Compares Two Neutral Oral Contrast Agents
The Department of Radiology at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Centercompared two neutral oral contrast agents and published their findings (Comparison of Two Neutral Oral Contrast Agents...
Reduce Aborted Scans in MRI; A Non-Pharmacological Approach
Approximately 2 million MRI procedures cannot be completed worldwide due to patient anxiety disorders or claustrophobia. With an average reimbursement of $500 (U.S.) per MRI scan, this is equal to $1...
ABMR: The Future of Breast Cancer Screening?
It has been shown that mammography is the most effective screening modality for the detection of breast cancer, reducing mortality by 20-30%.1
Skin Markers and Small Field of View Imaging in MRI
Skin marking in MRI has evolved over the years in an attempt to keep up with the technology it supports. With recent advancements in hardware and improved sensitivity of surface coils, imaging in a...
How Well Does External Marker Placement in Knee MRI Correlate to Important Clinical Findings?
“Skin marker placement can aid in detection of clinically important imaging finding and technologist training aids increased rates of marker placement and improved correlation. Therefore, marker...
Best Practices with Skin Markers in Breast MRI
The use and benefits of MR-specific skin markers in orthopedic MRI are well known but we often receive questions with regard to their use in breast MRI.
MR-SPOT: Twenty Years the Industry Standard for Communicating Areas of Concern in MRI
Twenty years is a lot of time. Twenty years ago Celine Dion and Cher were at the top of the charts. Titanic won the Academy Award for Best Picture and Seinfeld aired its last season.
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