MR-SPOT: Twenty Years the Industry Standard for Communicating Areas of Concern in MRI
Twenty years is a lot of time. Twenty years ago Celine Dion and Cher were at the top of the charts. Titanic won the Academy Award for Best Picture and Seinfeld aired its last season.
Diagnosing Abdominal Disease: Two Exams, One Goal
Two of the exams used in the diagnosis of abdominal diseases include a routine CAT-Scan (CT) of the abdomen and pelvis, and small bowel enterography which can be performed in either CT or MRI.
MR Technologists Discuss the Pros and Cons of Skin Markers used in MRI
When it comes to communicating the location of a palpable mass, point of pain, or even a thoracic level in MRI, most radiologists and technologists use a skin marker.
Taste, Texture, and Patient Toleration in Enterography Prep
In small bowel imaging, distention is the name of the game. Unfortunately, in order to get the desired bowel distention for imaging, patients must ingest a large volume of fluid: usually 1350 –...
Best Practices for Establishing Vertebral Level on Thoracic Spine Studies in MRI
There are multiple cases in the medical-legal literature where wrong site T-spine surgeries have been performed or aborted after it was discovered that the wrong level had been identified.
The Emergence of CT and MR Enterography for Diagnosing Crohn's Disease
The number one cause of office visits to primary care physicians (PCPs) is gastrointestinal symptoms. In the more simple cases, the PCP armed with an arsenal of modern drugs can treat the patient,...
Can Inhalation Aromatherapy Reduce Aborted MRI Scans in Patients with Anxiety and Claustrophobia?
Did you know that close to 2 million MRI exams are aborted each year due to patient anxiety or claustrophobia across the globe?
The Sweet Smell of Positive Patient Survey Comments
HSHS St. Vincent Hospital has been utilizing AromaTabs for quite some time. We have found them very beneficial and we have even had patient's positively comment on their usage in our Patient...
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