Inventing the First Professional Skin Markers for MRI
Dave Dillard’s career in medical imaging began in CT department at VCU Medical Center in Richmond, Virginia, 1975. Although he helped open other imaging centers, Dave always found his way back to...
Patient Callbacks in MRI Due to Miscommunication Largely Preventable
Patient callbacks are sometimes unavoidable in MRI, but a majority of callbacks are preventable. Improving communication between clinicians and technologists could decrease patient callbacks for a...
Choosing the Ideal Localization Marker in MRI
MRI scans can be used to examine almost any part of the body including bones and joints, the heart and blood vessels, and internal organs like the liver.
Skin Markers and Small Field of View Imaging in MRI
Skin marking in MRI has evolved over the years in an attempt to keep up with the technology it supports. With recent advancements in hardware and improved sensitivity of surface coils, imaging in a...
How Well Does External Marker Placement in Knee MRI Correlate to Important Clinical Findings?
“Skin marker placement can aid in detection of clinically important imaging finding and technologist training aids increased rates of marker placement and improved correlation. Therefore, marker...
MR-SPOT: Twenty Years the Industry Standard for Communicating Areas of Concern in MRI
Twenty years is a lot of time. Twenty years ago Celine Dion and Cher were at the top of the charts. Titanic won the Academy Award for Best Picture and Seinfeld aired its last season.
MR Technologists Discuss the Pros and Cons of Skin Markers used in MRI
When it comes to communicating the location of a palpable mass, point of pain, or even a thoracic level in MRI, most radiologists and technologists use a skin marker.
Best Practices for Establishing Vertebral Level on Thoracic Spine Studies in MRI
There are multiple cases in the medical-legal literature where wrong site T-spine surgeries have been performed or aborted after it was discovered that the wrong level had been identified.
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