Minimizing Bleeding, Hematoma in the Breast Biopsy Patient
Mammographers often describe having a love/hate relationship with interventional procedures. From appreciating the change of pace from screening mammography, as well as the knowledge that they’re an...
Strategies for Reducing Patient Anxiousness in the Biopsy Suite
Rewinding back to the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, screening mammograms were delayed due to many breast centers temporarily closing their doors.
The Imperative of Imaging and Pathology Communication in Stereotactic Breast Biopsy
Approximately 1 million women in the United States undergo an image-guided core biopsy procedure as a result of suspected breast cancer each year.
Overcoming Challenges with Wire Movement in Breast Localization Procedures
Two recent events reminded us that despite the advances of technology, old challenges remain current challenges in breast health, particularly when it comes to localizing breast lesions for surgical...
Benefits of a Standardized System for Breast Specimen Orientation
Surgeons employ a variety of methods to mark breast specimen margins and communicate specimen orientation to pathologists.
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