Incomplete Scans and Lost Revenue in MRI
MRI’s are an important diagnostic tool. They can differentiate between fat, water, muscle, and other soft tissue to help detect abnormalities of the brain, heart, breast, liver, and joints to name a...
Helping Anxious Patients Cope with MRI Exams
It’s not uncommon to hear people speak of being anxious about having to undergo an MRI scan. In fact, it is estimated that up to 5% of the United States population suffers from some sort of...
How Much Does Motion Artifact Cost in Advanced Imaging Exams?
Artifact is a hurdle imaging departments avoid if possible and for good reason. Artifact could compromise a study, make an accurate diagnosis difficult to obtain, or create the appearance of a false...
What’s the Right Drinking Protocol for Enterography?
Choosing the right contrast and drinking protocol has a direct impact on an imaging department’s productivity.
Patients in Motion: How to Stabilize Patients and Reduce Repeat Imaging
Reducing patient exposure to radiation is a high priority for any imaging department. Groups like Image Gently champion facilities that practice safe imaging.
Can Inhalation Aromatherapy Reduce Aborted MRI Scans in Patients with Anxiety and Claustrophobia?
Did you know that close to 2 million MRI exams are aborted each year due to patient anxiety or claustrophobia across the globe?
The Sweet Smell of Positive Patient Survey Comments
HSHS St. Vincent Hospital has been utilizing AromaTabs for quite some time. We have found them very beneficial and we have even had patient's positively comment on their usage in our Patient...
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