Donna's Story - From Persistent Abdominal Pain to Diagnosis
Donna’s medical journey began in 2000 with a gastric bypass, but in 2014 acute abdominal pain sent her back to the hospital. A CT of the abdomen revealed two small ulcers near the site of her gastric...
How Oral Contrast Affects Departmental Throughput in Enterography
Radiology is one of the most affected hospital departments by patient cancellations according to the article, " The Financial Burden of Missed Appointments: Uncaptured Revenue Due to Outpatient...
Sealing the Leaky Revenue Bucket in Small Bowel Enterography
No-show patients and cancellations cost the health care system $150 billion a year, according to a study from SCI Solutions. Nationwide, no-show patients and cancellation rates are as high as 30%,...
Current Trends in Small Bowel Imaging
Enterography studies (in MRI and CT) are a specialized tool for a specific patient population. While it can be used to diagnose problems such as bleeding, inflammation, and obstructions, it is...
Small Bowel Enterography: Protocols of the Experts
When radiologists introduce a new procedure into their institution, or they want to improve an existing protocol, it’s common practice to turn to those that live and breathe that procedure for advice.
What’s the Right Drinking Protocol for Enterography?
Choosing the right contrast and drinking protocol has a direct impact on an imaging department’s productivity.
NG Placements: When Pediatric Patients Can’t Drink the Contrast
What do you do when pediatric patients can’t ingest the required amount of contrast for enterography?
Cincinnati Children’s Compares Two Neutral Oral Contrast Agents
The Department of Radiology at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Centercompared two neutral oral contrast agents and published their findings (Comparison of Two Neutral Oral Contrast Agents...
Diagnosing Abdominal Disease: Two Exams, One Goal
Two of the exams used in the diagnosis of abdominal diseases include a routine CAT-Scan (CT) of the abdomen and pelvis, and small bowel enterography which can be performed in either CT or MRI.
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