The Importance of Oral Contrast in CT Abdominal Imaging
Patients who have had an abdominal CT scan say that drinking the contrast before the procedure can be the worst part of the whole process because of the texture and/or flavor.
Current Trends in Small Bowel Imaging
Enterography studies (in MRI and CT) are a specialized tool for a specific patient population. While it can be used to diagnose problems such as bleeding, inflammation, and obstructions, it is...
How Much Does Motion Artifact Cost in Advanced Imaging Exams?
Artifact is a hurdle imaging departments avoid if possible and for good reason. Artifact could compromise a study, make an accurate diagnosis difficult to obtain, or create the appearance of a false...
How One Tool Can Affect Motion Artifact, Infection Prevention, and Workflow
Using the right tool can impact the whole job. You don’t use a hammer where you need a saw. And you don’t use duct tape when you should be using a nail. Using the right tool ensures a job well done,...
Limiting Exposure in Abdominal Imaging in the Age of COVID-19
Hospitals and imaging centers are looking for ways to limit exposure and potential transmission of the coronavirus between their patients and medical staff. One way is to limit their interaction with...
Small Bowel Enterography: Protocols of the Experts
When radiologists introduce a new procedure into their institution, or they want to improve an existing protocol, it’s common practice to turn to those that live and breathe that procedure for advice.
Help Mitigate Pathogenic Spread Between Imaging Patients with Disposable Stabilization System
With heightened awareness of pathogenic spread and the call for social distancing, we are being reminded daily that direct contact is not the only way to infect people; indirect contact is another.
What’s the Right Drinking Protocol for Enterography?
Choosing the right contrast and drinking protocol has a direct impact on an imaging department’s productivity.
Restraint vs Stabilization in Diagnostic Imaging
During our sales process we are occasionally asked if iFIX is a form of stabilization or if it could it be considered a restraint. This is a valid question considering all of the requirements...
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