When Infection Prevention Can Mean Sacrificing Image Quality
In medical imaging, there’s a question that should keep every technologist awake at night: is it really clean?
NG Placements: When Pediatric Patients Can’t Drink the Contrast
What do you do when pediatric patients can’t ingest the required amount of contrast for enterography?
Are HAIs Lurking on Your Imaging Table?
Healthcare associated infections (HAI) will account for 1.7 million infections this year and cause up to 99,000 patient deaths in the United States alone.
Patients in Motion: How to Stabilize Patients and Reduce Repeat Imaging
Reducing patient exposure to radiation is a high priority for any imaging department. Groups like Image Gently champion facilities that practice safe imaging.
Localization of Needle Entry Point For CT Guided Interventions
Since first suggested in 1976, CT guidance during interventional procedures has become indispensable.
Cincinnati Children’s Compares Two Neutral Oral Contrast Agents
The Department of Radiology at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Centercompared two neutral oral contrast agents and published their findings (Comparison of Two Neutral Oral Contrast Agents...
Current Trends with Oral Contrast in Diagnostic CT
Every hospital has its own set of protocols to address the needs of their patient population. When it comes to diagnostic CT, drinking protocols for oral contrast can vary from facility to facility.
Patient Satisfaction and Oral Contrast in CAT-Scan
Happy customers often turn into repeat customers. More importantly, they tell their friends about their positive experience. This is true for any business, including medical imaging.
Positive Oral Contrast for Acute Abdominal Pain in Emergency Imaging
There has been much debate in the last few years regarding the use of positive oral contrast for patients with acute abdominal pain in the ED setting.
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