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Welcome to the New Reality – Serving our Customers by Staying Home  
To say we’re living in interesting times right now is an understatement at best. Grocery shelves are empty, stocks are falling, businesses deemed to be unessential are told to close. Cities,...
Beekley Medical Named Interventional Systems iFIX 2019 Distributor of the Year
There’s a lot of work and preparation when it comes to bringing a new product to market…even if the product comes to you ready-made. In fact, it might even require even more work and preparation.
How Activity Trackers Could Become an Essential Tool in Cancer Treatment Planning
It's fairly common knowledge that being active is good for helping you stay healthy, but now cancer researchers are finding that your activity level during treatment can actually help improve your...
What’s the Right Drinking Protocol for Enterography?
Choosing the right contrast and drinking protocol has a direct impact on an imaging department’s productivity.
Positive Patient Experiences Using Aromatherapy – Expert Panelists Share Stories
Part two of a four part series- Because of the popularity of the Elequil aromatabs® brand, aromatherapy made for the clinical setting, we are often asked how others successfully achieved...
Safeguarding Mammography Equipment Beyond the Disinfectant Spray
Although the mammography receptor plate is cleaned and disinfected between patients as indicated by the FDA Infection Control Regulations for Mammography Equipment (900.12(e)(I3)(i), (ii), (iii),...
A Non-Pharmacologic Nursing Intervention for Both Anxiousness and Queasiness
Many times, patients will feel both queasiness and anxiousness. As a result, we are often asked by current customers if they can adhere two different Elequil aromatabs® on the patient to help...
Career Change Becomes a Life Saver: How Joining Beekley Medical Impacted My Mindset
People ask me all the time, “do you miss teaching?”  There are many ways I could answer this question. I could give an emphatic “NO.” I could say, “I missed teaching when it was actually...
How Cancer Patients Really Feel About Tattoos and How to Respond
Tattoos play an important role in treating cancer by ensuring the treatment plan is as accurate as possible. But for some patients, it’s a daily reminder of a dark experience.
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