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Radiologist Perspective on Benefits of Mammography Skin Markers to Clinicians and Patients
Making sure a patient is comfortable both during and after a mammogram is of the utmost importance to Dr. Christina Jacobs, a board-certified radiologist with Advanced Radiology Services and Director...
How Oncology Centers are Managing Treatment in the Age of COVID-19
“Everything takes much longer, nothing is simple.”
Online Yoga: The “New Normal” for Cancer Patients and Survivors
In these uncertain times of COVID-19, it has become necessary to come up with ways in which to cope with the abundance of changes happening to our daily lives. Those changes can often lead to...
Reopening Diagnostic Imaging After COVID-19
As states begin to open back up and restrictions on "non-essential" medical procedures ease up, many imaging departments are pondering how best to adapt to the new normal in terms of staff...
Small Bowel Enterography: Protocols of the Experts
When radiologists introduce a new procedure into their institution, or they want to improve an existing protocol, it’s common practice to turn to those that live and breathe that procedure for advice.
Going Above the Call of Duty During Covid-19
If you ask healthcare workers what their “new normal” is since the outbreak of Covid-19 you will probably get a variety of answers. Some responses you might expect to hear are that they have limited...
What We Wish We Knew Before Starting an Aromatherapy Initiative at our Hospital
Part four of a four part series- Because of the popularity of the Elequil aromatabs® brand, aromatherapy made for the clinical setting, we are often asked how others successfully achieved adaptation...
Challenges with Interpretation & Communication Variability in Mammography
Although we may all see the same thing, how we communicate what we see can vary from individual to individual. While shades of interpretation and unique perspectives can make for great art and...
Why Protective Face Masks Make You Feel Anxious and What You Can Do to Cope
It’s hard to breathe. It’s hot. I feel claustrophobic. It hurts my ears. It fogs up my glasses. No one looks human. It just reminds me of what’s out there.
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