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How Cancer Patients Really Feel About Tattoos and How to Respond
Tattoos play an important role in treating cancer by ensuring the treatment plan is as accurate as possible. But for some patients, it’s a daily reminder of a dark experience.
Restraint vs Stabilization in Diagnostic Imaging
During our sales process we are occasionally asked if iFIX is a form of stabilization or if it could it be considered a restraint. This is a valid question considering all of the requirements...
Implementing an Aromatherapy Initiative in the Hospital – Where Do I Begin?
Part one of a four part series- While pharmacological solutions are effective in targeting specific symptoms, hospital staff are in want for safe and flexible non-pharmacological solutions that help...
Mitigating Perception of Pain in Mammography Can Improve Satisfaction Scores and Patient Retention
To paraphrase the philosopher William James; Thoughts become perception, perception becomes reality. Alter the thoughts, alter the reality.
From Public Nuisance to Public Parks - Sustainability at Work
If you ever clicked on the “About” section on the Beekley Medical website, the first sentence you will see reads “A focus on making the lives of everyone we touch a little better.”
Strategies for Patients with Mask Anxiety in Radiation Oncology
Each year, an estimated 650,0000 cases of head and neck cancers are diagnosed worldwide. Many of those diagnosed will receive radiation oncology as either their primary treatment or as an adjunct to...
“Movember” Becomes a Heart (and Face) Warming Event
Beekley Medical is no stranger to fundraising in support of breast cancer awareness with numerous events throughout the year from Designer Handbag Bingo to our annual Golf tournament. With all this...
Round Table Discussion with Breast Radiologists on Communication, Documentation, and ACR Amended Guidelines
There’s an adage in healthcare “If it’s not documented, it didn’t happen.” Documentation that is a complete, accurate, timely account of a patient’s condition or status not only provides efficient...
Laughingest LINAC Helps Make a Difficult Circumstance Less Arduous
Laughter really is the best medicine. Humor has the power to change a patient’s perspective, make a tough treatment easier, and lighten up even the most difficult/vulnerable situations. In October...
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