Meet Brian McKinney, CT Technologist, EMPOWER Award Recipient


Brian McKinney,  is the first CT technologist recognized with a Beekley Medical EMPOWER award. Brian has been in the field for over two decades and is a reliable champion to the imaging department at the University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle.

Each year, Beekley Medical receives glowing nominations from colleagues and supervisors hoping to recognize an unsung hero and leader in their department who takes on difficult initiatives, strives to provide excellent patient care, and empowers those around them to do better. The submission we received from Brian's supervisor embodied the great qualities we look for in every EMPOWER Award winner. 

Navigating challenges faced by his department during a global pandemic and ensuing contrast shortages, Brian proactively improved CT protocols, deepened his technical knowledge and expertise, and worked long hours to cover shifts - making him a dependable pillar of strength to his coworkers and medical center.

An uplifting presence during the pandemic 

In a presentation attended by Brian’s department supervisors and colleagues, Gulnoor Sheriff, Brain's department supervisor,  recounted how Brian was a hero to the department who uplifted them in the hardest of times. “During the pandemic, there were many long shifts and times where I found it challenging to make it through, but Brian was always there to encourage and empower us.”

In his nomination, Gulnoor praised Brian for his "extraordinary dedication, unwavering support for the team, and his exceptional contributions in making our department run seamlessly while continuously improving our CT protocols for the benefit of both the team and patients.


Gulnoor added,  "Brian's unwavering commitment to our team is truly exceptional. He is always there, ready to provide support and answers to technical questions, ensuring that every day in our department goes smoothly. Brian's availability, approachability, and willingness to assist in any way needed makes him an invaluable asset to our team. No matter the challenge, Brian consistently steps up to offer his expertise, guidance, and a helping hand. His unwavering support is a cornerstone of our department's success.

Focus on improving operational efficiency and patient experience  

"One of the remarkable aspects of Brian's contributions is his diligent work on CT protocols. His efforts have led to significant enhancements in our protocols, making them more efficient for the team and, importantly, reducing contrast use for our patients. These improvements not only increase our operational efficiency but also enhance the overall patient experience. Brian's dedication to fine-tuning protocols exemplifies his commitment to continuously improving our practices and delivering the highest quality of care. 

"Moreover, Brian's consistent dedication to our team and his proactive contributions to our CT protocols reflect his exceptional patient care. He demonstrates a remarkable blend of technical expertise and genuine empathy, ensuring that patients receive not only the best medical care but also a supportive and respectful environment. His respectful demeanor towards the team sets a positive example and contributes to a harmonious work environment. I endorse Brian for this recognition for his contributions to our department. His commitment to patient care, his tireless work ethic and exceptional leadership." 

Worthy of celebration! 

Beekley is honored to celebrate Brian McKinney as Diagnostic Imaging EMPOWER Award winner for 2023. We thank you and your entire team for your dedication to exceptional patient care. 

Jonathan McCullough

Jonathan McCullough

Product Manager

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