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Taking Care of Our Corner of Mother Earth
Earth Day was an initiative that was started  45 years ago, and is often referred to as the birth of the modern environmental movement.
Patient Experience Week: What is it and why celebrate?
Patient Experience Week is a celebration of the healthcare staff that go above and beyond to increase the patient experience. 
USPSTF Mammography Guidelines - The Real War on Women?
It looks as though we may be on the losing side in the fight against breast cancer.  The US Preventative Services Task Force on Mammography made a decision based on decades-old data which will turn...
The Positive Side of Social Media & Healthcare
Tweet this, share that, tag this, post that. Whether you venture onto social media representing yourself personally, professionally, or both, its frequency of use isn't slowing down any time soon -...
13th Annual St. Pats for St. Jude's Fundraiser
The 13th annual Beekley Medical St. Patrick's Day fundraiser for St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital was in full swing today.  Our associates donned their green attire and sharpened their baking...
The Sweet Smell of Positive Patient Survey Comments
HSHS St. Vincent Hospital has been utilizing AromaTabs for quite some time.  We have found them very beneficial and we have even had patient's positively comment on their usage in our Patient...
Helping NBCF Save Lives One Mammogram at a Time
Even small companies can make a big difference in the world around them.
Mammograms! Even the routine ones can feel stressful
There is a nervous tension or unease that seems to permeate waiting rooms. Everyone is there for a different reason, but everyone is also there for some form of diagnostic.
What is Your Mammography Skin Marker Hiding From You?
Can the type of skin marker used make a difference in revealing potential breast cancers? While there is no substitute for the trained eye of a radiologist who specializes in breast imaging, the type...
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