Meet Ashraf & Co. Ltd, Beekley's 2023 Global Partner of the Year

group photo of Ashraf & Co Ltd, Beekley Medical's 2023 Global Partner of the Year

Ashraf & Co. Ltd. of Kuwait has earned the prestigious Global Partner of the Year Award from Beekley Medical for 2023. Beekley's partnership with Ashraf & Co. began pre-Covid, when Amy Bosco, Beekley's Director of Global Business Development met Lina Muniemena, Ashraf's Sales Manager at Arab Health. Together, they worked diligently to get Beekley Medical products registered through the Ministry of Health in Kuwait.

It took well over a year, but finally Lina was ready to reach out to hospitals and educate them on the difference of using a professional skin marker vs. makeshift ones, or no markers at all. In 2023, Lina secured a sizable order and increased their sales by over 3000%! This was possible through her diligence and hard work.

A devoted student of continuous learning

photo of Lina Muniemena with award and standing behind podium

Lina is our only partner to have attended every session of "MasterMind," a monthly training session for our international distribution partners that focuses on a specific product within one of our modalities (Radiation Oncology, MRI, CT, Mammography, Breast Biopsy, and Clinical Aromatherapy). She is a devoted student and one of our most engaged partners during these sessions.

Commitment to serving her customers' needs

One of the biggest factors in deciding the recipient of the Global Partner of the Year award is the percentage of growth over the previous year. However, commitment to better serving customer needs for efficacy, accuracy, and patient care through Beekley's products lines is another attribute that Lina and her team possess.

While talking to Lina about her success, she said that an integral part that helped their sales and marketing initiatives was the education programs that Beekley Medical offers. These programs helped her be confident when discussing the products with her customers.

Committed to success

Lina has demonstrated such a high level of commitment to being successful by attending every MasterMind session. She believes that commitment is the right way to achieve goals, gain the trust of partners, follow the development of Beekley's products, and understand your strategic plan.

Beekley's Director of Training, Richard Foster (who conducts the MasterMind sessions), noted that her participation and commitment is what led Lina to reaching her goals.

In closing, Lina stated that it's her pleasure doing business with Beekley because of the support and appreciation she receives and she looks forward to building this relationship in the Kuwait market.

We congratulate Lina and her team at Ashraf and Co. Ltd on their successful start and being named Beekley Medical's Global Partner of the year for 2023!

Ashfar & Co, Ltd team photo with award
Pictured (from left to right): Mr. Suraj, Lina Muniemena, The GM Mr. Sheikh, Sara, Mr. Mohamed and Elma
Amy Bosco, M.S.

Amy Bosco, M.S.

Director of Global Business Development

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