Celebrating Best Practices with Skin Marking in Mammography


Since 2022, Beekley Medical® has recognized several breast centers that utilize the Beekley Skin Marking System® with the “Skin Marking in Mammography Excellence Award.”  This award is presented to those breast imaging facilities that use the Beekley 5-Shape system as a best practice to help reduce patient callbacks, unnecessary additional views, and unnecessary additional radiation for their patients. So far this year, 133 imaging centers and hospitals have been recognized with this prestigious award. 

Why award excellence in skin marking? 

Backus-Hospital-skin-marking-awardUsing a systematic skin marking system fosters clear communication and precise interpretation for the best patient care. It also promotes better communication between the technologist and radiologist, while providing permanent documentation directly on the image.

Skin-Marking-Excellence-Award--Aurora-Medical-Center-Grafton_hiDPIThe system consists of five different and distinctive shapes. A circle appearing on the image indicates a raised mole. A line visibly shows the location, shape, and length of a previous surgery, a triangle symbolizes a palpable mass, a pellet is used to mark a nipple, and a square identifies non-palpable areas of concern or pain.

Patients notice the extra level of care skin markers provide 

Today, women have many choices about where they can get their care and are more apt to advocate for their breast health. Being an imaging center that uses skin markers systematically could mean the difference in a patient choosing your facility versus another down the road.

Primary-Care-Associates--skin-marking-award_hiDPI-1Patients notice the difference that skin markers can make in their care: in an anonymous online survey to 580 respondents, 79% of women who have had a skin marker placed felt it was absolutely essential or very important that their imaging center use skin markers. Of those respondents, 47% felt more confident they were getting a more accurate mammogram. Having a marker placed on their breast assures patients that their concern or skin lesion is being imaged and addressed accurately.

Corry-Memorial-Hospital--skin-marking-award_hiDPI-1Being a Skin Marking Excellence Award recipient is one way that breast centers can promote their services within their community. Corry Memorial Hospital in Corry, PA was an award recipient and has already been celebrated in their community for receiving this honor. 

In a Corry Journal article which explained the award and celebrated the mammography staff at their center, Corry Memorial Hospital CEO, Dan Brolemund stated "This award is a testament to the high quality, patient centered care that is provided here at LECOM Health Corry Memorial Hospital."

To learn more about the Beekley Skin Marking System and how it can improve efficacy, communication, and the patient experience at your breast center, contact your Beekley Medical Account Manager at 1.800.233.5539 or email info@beekley.com to ask about a trial evaluation for your imaging center. 



Colleen O'Flaherty

Product Manager - Mammography and Breast Biopsy

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