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EcoVadis badge graphicAt Beekley Medical our goal is to help positively impact patients’ lives and improve clinical outcomes. We’d like to think that our products help us to achieve this goal in their respective modalities, but what about our company as a whole? What are we producing, or not for that matter that positively impacts every patient regardless of modality and what can we do to make the world just a little bit better?

These are big questions to ask. And with that, as part of our commitment to patients, our customers, our associates, and the environment, we recently completed a thorough assessment of our business sustainability practices through EcoVadis, a trusted provider of business sustainability ratings.

Measuring sustainability

The Ecovadis assessment evaluates twenty-one sustainability criteria across four core themes: Environment, Labor & Human Rights, Ethics and Sustainability Procurement. More than 125,000 companies across the globe have been rated by EcoVadis.

This assessment is the first of its kind for Beekley Medical and we are beyond proud to announce that we earned a Bronze Medal, recognizing our efforts and continuous journey towards a strong Sustainability Management System! Our rating places us in the 35% among all companies, in all industries rated in the past twelve months.

High marks in Labor and Human Rights

Of the four categories that are rated, our top performing sustainability themes were Labor and Human Rights, which scored a 70% and Ethics, which scored an overall 60%. We are especially proud of our overall scores in these two categories since they correlate with taking care of people (both our associates and our customers) and doing the right thing, qualities Beekley prides itself on.

All four of Beekley Corporations' core values can be traced back to these two categories:

  1. World Class Customer Care – Striving to provide unparalleled levels of services and products to our customers worldwide. We truly care about our customers.
  2. Boarding the "ARC" (Attitude, Results, and Continuous Improvement) – These are the three critical career success factors, and possessing these traits are essential to succeeding at Beekley.
  3. Making Footprints – Giving our associates the opportunity to make their mark and stretch and challenge themselves to blaze new trails.
  4. Have Fun – Beekley associates work hard and play hard! We celebrate wins and take time to simply have fun.

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A proud accomplishment, but just the beginning

This is a big accomplishment for our team. The EcoVadis process validates our sustainability commitments, practices, and performance to date, and offers a clear roadmap for continuous improvement. We recognize that we have some work ahead of us to improve our scores and are already brainstorming ways that we can improve upon the recommendations that we were given.

Megan Sargalski

Megan Sargalski

Marketing Communications Specialist

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