Heat, Humidity, and Radiation Treatment Marks
Summertime. The word conjures up thoughts of fun, but in many areas of the country, it also brings to mind ways to cope with the excessive heat and humidity.
Unplanned Breaks in Radiation Treatment Heighten Risk of Cancer Recurrence
Patients who miss radiation treatment appointments are at a greater risk of recurrence than those who don’t. The authors of the study Radiotherapy Noncompliance and Clinical Outcomes in an Urban...
The Four Essential Prongs of a Cancer Survivorship Program
Putting patients on the path to cancer survivorship is about more than eliminating a tumor.
​Fighting Cancer in the Republic of Georgia
At Beekley, it’s not uncommon for us to come across inspiring stories about patients and physicians fighting cancer. Sometimes they’re so inspiring that we have to share them.
​Therapeutic Aromatherapy as Integrative Care in Radiation Oncology
Treatments, regular testing, coping with symptoms of the disease, and side effects from medication can drain cancer patients both physically and emotionally.
Fighting the Anxiety of Fighting Cancer
I am a cancer patient at Midwestern Hospital – The Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Zion, Illinois. Although no one wants cancer, if you need to fight it, this is the medical center to go to.
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