Significant Reduction in Self-Reported Anxiety in Breast Biopsy Procedures with Elequil Aromatabs
Breast Biopsies can be very stressful for patients. Although it is a minor procedure, it is a major event to the patient. Many patients are mothers or grandmothers and worry about their family’s fate...
Patient Satisfaction and the 15 Minute Mammogram
Getting your mammogram can be a daunting experience, especially when the patient thinks that there may be something wrong. They wait for the exam, don a medical gown, are maneuvered onto a cold...
We Compress for Seconds to Preserve Years - Mini-Poster
Compression.  If one thing is for certain in mammography, women do not care for it at all.
Patient's Guide to Mammography Skin Markers (educational poster)
Supplement your intake histories and standardization protocols with this easy visual for patients about the purpose of each skin marker shape used in mammography.  
Mammograms! Even the routine ones can feel stressful
There is a nervous tension or unease that seems to permeate waiting rooms. Everyone is there for a different reason, but everyone is also there for some form of diagnostic.
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