Meet Tanya Burke, Radiation Therapist, EMPOWER Award Recipient


Radiation Therapists are special people dedicated to helping cancer patients who are fighting for their lives have the best possible experience and outcome with their radiation treatments.

Empower AwardTo recognize this group of silent heroes, Beekley Medical invited Radiation Therapy Supervisors throughout the United States to nominate the Radiation Therapist on their staff who they felt exemplified the profession, its mission, and who goes above and beyond in their role when it comes to improving patient care, educating the community, supporting family members through their loved one’s journey, fundraising, or advancing their expertise.

We received so many compelling nominations, making it difficult to select just one winner, but there was one Radiation Therapist that really stood out.

20 years of commitment to enhancing patient care

Tanya Burke BSRT(R)(T) of Trinity CancerCare Center (Minot, ND), is Beekley’s first ever EMPOWER award winner for Radiation Therapy.  Her supervisor, RaNelle O’Keeffe, BSRT(R)(T), submitted a compelling nomination sharing Tanya’s passion, accomplishments, and commitment to patient-centered care:

“Tanya Burke has spent 20 years as a Radiation Therapist. I have worked with Tanya for 18 years and feel able to attest to her contribution to the profession. Tanya has been part of the Radiation Therapy team at Trinity CancerCare Center that received a "Team of the Year Award" for outstanding patient care within our institution. This award was issued by high patient satisfaction scores.

Tanya and staff“We were the first (cancer center) in the state to purchase a TrueBeam® radiotherapy system. Not only has Tanya met the education requirements that new technology brings, she was one of the leading therapists in instituting those changes within our department. She spent a week in Vegas training for the new TrueBeam®, and then became one of the leads in instituting its use within our department. With its advanced technology, this was a big step coming from a 21EX with no imaging capabilities.

“We were also one of the first sites in our state to incorporate Vision RT. Tanya was instrumental in learning and then instituting this technology to better patient setups and enhance reproducibility. She led the way by attending Vision RT Conferences and also training new therapy hires on the technology.

“Her focus has always been on the patient. Tanya has been involved in many community activities as well. She gives an annual presentation on radiation therapy as a career for college students and has developed speeches and power points for presentations at the local high school.

“Tanya also participates in fund raisers for the Cancer Center patients. Recently she was involved with a woman's group who donated thousands of dollars for gas cards for patients who have to travel for treatment. She provides the daily support cancer patients need. I have seen her communicate effectively with all types of personalities, both with patients and co-workers. I think she deserves the Empower award because she has been committed to our CancerCenter and Community for 20 years!!”

Tanya Shares Her Passion

“If you do what you love, it is easy to come to work every day, take care of the people and give the best possible care. To come to work every day to see every patient that we get to care for. We get to see them every day for 5 to 7 weeks. We get to know them, and their families, and they are so appreciative for everything we do for them. It’s just a humbling experience”.

Congratulations Tanya and thank you for all that you do!

Tanya and Dr. Grant

Melissa Vibberts

Melissa Vibberts

Director of Brand Management

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