Meet Innovative Technologie Völp - Beekley's 2020 Global Partner of the Year


2020 was an unusual year for us all as we needed to adapt and navigate how to do business during a pandemic. But despite the challenges I am pleased to say that our global business partners showed creativity and resilience. In fact, 25 of our business partners surpassed their 2019 imports.

As is tradition once a year Beekley Medical recognizes one of our top performing business partners with the Global Partner of the Year Award.

Commitment, perseverance, results

One of the biggest factors in deciding the winner is the percentage of growth over the previous year, but the award is also based on how well the global partner demonstrates their commitment to better serving their customers’ needs for efficacy, accuracy, and patient care through Beekley Medical's product line for diagnostic imaging and radiation oncology.

Our 2020 award winner, Innovative Technologie Völp (Innsbruck, Austria), not only represented strength as a business partner during a very challenging year, but also how to persevere and grow during a pandemic with a 52% increase in import sales from Beekley Medical over 2019.

About Innovative Technologie Völp

Founded in 1997 as the result of a scientific cooperation with the University Clinic for Radiation Therapy-Radiation Oncology in Innsbruck (ROI), specializes in the development of innovative positioning systems for patient immobilization in the field of radiation therapy.

A global manufacturer of medical products, Innovative Technologie Völp has certificates of approval in all European countries, the USA, Canada, and many Asian countries, including Japan. All Innovative Technologie Völp products are manufactured in accordance with the strict requirements of the medical technology standard ISO 13485.

In addition, since the company was founded, Innovative Technologie Völp has conducted several innovative research projects supported by European funding institutions together with ROI and has applied for patents for numerous inventions in the biomedical high-tech area.

I was able to get some insight from Markus Völp, CEO and Sales Manager of Innovative Technologie Völp on how they were able to grow their business during the pandemic.

More staff, more communications, more digital face time

Markus shared that they have been able to grow their Beekley Medical sales through initially expanding their company taskforce. Innovative Technologie Völp now has additional employees to accommodate increased demand and a more diverse customer base.

Before the pandemic sales visits were made in person. However, the company has adapted well to successfully using digital communications to engage customers such as newsletters and virtual meetings and product demonstrations.

Markus also wanted to publicly congratulate Oskar Scherer, Owner and General Manager of MPB Scherer, on his retirement this last December and thank him for trusting Innovative Technologie Völp with his customers. The two have been partnering since 2016 to transition over the business in a smooth and seamless manner to ensure world class customer care.

Congratulations to the entire team at Innovative Technologie Völp on earning the Global Partner of the Year Award for 2020.

We wish you continued success and stand ready to support you in your sales and marketing efforts in the years ahead.

Amy Bosco, M.S.

Amy Bosco, M.S.

Director of Global Business Development

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