Aromatherapy Plays a Part in Whole Health Initiative for Veterans


The Veterans Health Administration is America’s largest integrated health care system that serves over 9 million enrolled Veterans each year. One of the many initiatives that the VA focuses on is Whole Health Services.

This program offers a team of experts that work together to focus on the health and well-being of each patient as a whole with the use of traditional care, as well as integrative services such as yoga, acupuncture, massage, etc.

Ben Kligler, Executive Director for the Office of Patient Centered Care and Cultural Transformation thinks very highly of this program. “This approach equips people to take charge of their health.” 

He goes on to say how clinical care is only a piece of the system and not necessarily the centerpiece. This change of thinking is the transformation they are making across the VA.

vet_wheelchair_hidpiThe Whole Health program spans across the VA, including hospitals, inpatient and outpatient mental health programs, and the Community Living Centers, which house veterans in hospice, palliative care, geriatric, and memory care. 

The program is generating positive results. A pilot study conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of the Whole Health Services showed improvements to veterans' overall health, self-care, and general well-being. Of particular note, 38% (over 100,000) veterans where able to reduce their opioid usage. The opioids were previously used for pain management. This is significant in light of the country's current opioid addiction crisis. 

The use of aromatherapy in Whole Health services

One of the adjunct therapies being used in this program is clinical aromatherapy

Doctors at the Portland VA Medical Center published a study entitled “Aromatherapy and Essential Oils: A Map of the Evidence,” which supports the use of aromatherapy in Whole Health Initiatives. 

During this study, essential oils were most commonly delivered via inhalation. 

The doctors discovered that inhaled essential oils provided the most benefit for patients suffering from dysmenorrhea (menstrual cramps), in labor and delivery, and those with hypertension.

essential_oil_hidpiPatient perception of pain was reduced as was their blood pressure. 

VA Medical Centers across the country, such as those in Arizona, Florida, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and West Virginia feel that offering aromatherapy supports their efforts to provide a non-pharmacological alternative to patients who may be experiencing anxiousness. 

Working Closely with the VA

Susan Murray, Senior Account Manager, specializes in working with the Department of Veteran Affairs Healthcare here at Beekley Medical® 

Sue has helped many VA Centers with directives to seek non-pharmacological alternate therapies implement Elequil aromatabs® into their tool kits to help them achieve their veterans’ health goals.  

Recently, one veteran shared his story in regard to using Elequil. 

He said that before receiving each of his COVID-19 vaccines he was so nervous he felt dizzy and nauseous. 

After the vaccine, the VA nurse put a lavender-peppermint aromatab on his chest which helped alleviate both his queasiness and dizziness.

With continued use of the Elequil aromatabs, he reports he has been better able to manage his frequent symptoms of dizziness and queasiness, stating, “I love those aromatabs, they really work on me!”

elequil_373_place_on_gown_c_hidpiOutside of the Whole Health program, Elequil aromatabs are also used within many VA Medical Centers and Community Based Outpatient in areas such as MRI, Radiation Oncology, Physical Therapy, Perioperative Services, Step Down and Medical-Surgical units, Specialty Care, and Women Veterans Clinics. 

Elequil helps to elevate the user’s mood to better manage their day, improve sleep, and better cope with problems. The veterans feel that by being offered Elequil aromtabs, their VA cares about their well-being. 

The Elequil aromatabs difference

Elequil aromatabs® is used in over 2,000 healthcare facilities to help patients through their medical journey. 

el_4_up_0121_hidpiAvailable in four aromas – Lavender, Lavender-Sandalwood, Lavender-Peppermint, and Orange-Peppermint, the aromatab adheres to clothing, is discreet, and lasts up to 8 or more hours so that users can enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy throughout their medical procedure or as they go about their day. 

To learn more about Elequil aromatabs and the benefits of clinical aromatherapy in the healthcare setting, contact Beekley Medical at 1.800.233.5539 or email and inquire about our trial evaluation program.   


Melissa Vibberts

Melissa Vibberts

Director of Brand Management

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