December 7, 2015

Winter 2015 Holiday Ordering and Shipping at Beekley

'Tis the season!

The holidays, the snow, the ice, the patients trying to get in that one last exam before they have to start paying towards their insurance deductibles again in January.

The stress of having to place a last minute order for supplies and hoping it arrives on time in order to accommodate those patients.  Or, if your lucky, the luxury of leftover budget dollars to use or lose before the new year starts.

Either way we've got you covered. So take a virtual Elequil aromatherapy tab and relax!  

Beekley's Customer Care and Customer Satisfaction Teams are standing at the ready to assist you. And, as we are our own manufacturer and distributor, there is no need to worry about back orders. Save that for the other guys.      

To help you plan your orders this month, please take note of the following schedule for Christmas and New Year's:


                               New Year's:

Order Placed Delivered By* Order Placed Delivered By*
12/21 12/29 12/28 1/4
12/22 12/30 12/29 1/5
12/23 12/31 12/30 1/6
12/24 12/31 12/31 1/7

*Delivered By dates are for orders shipped within the United Sates using Beekley’s preferred shipper. International customers and customers shipping on their own carrier accounts may have longer delivery times. Breeza® customers: in an effort to keep your freight charges down, Breeza is shipped ground unless otherwise specified. Please figure an additional 1-2 days when planning your order.


JayOur holiday hours:

Beekley will be closing at noon on Dec 24 and closed all day Dec 25 for the Christmas holiday; we will also be be closed all day on Jan 1. So, while you wont be able to place your order directly with our friendly Customer Care Representatives during the days we are closed, orders placed via web (  or faxed (1-800-735-1234) will be entered the next business day and readied for for shipping.  

Customer Care Team 

We appreciate your business and wish you all a safe, happy, relaxing and worry-free holiday season!



Beekley Associates pictured above left to right: Customer Care Representatives Mary, Mary Ann, Erica, Dawn. and Melissa; Shipping Specialist Jay     

Mary Lang
Senior Marketing Communications Manager

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