The Sweet Smell of Positive Patient Survey Comments


HSHS St. Vincent Hospital has been utilizing AromaTabs for quite some time.  We have found them very beneficial and we have even had patient's positively comment on their usage in our Patient Satisfaction Surveys. 

Some of the comments included: "It was a nice touch and made me feel that the staff cared and understood my anxiety and claustrophobia."  

Another comment stated that the AromaTabs helped by providing them with "a pleasant scent and distracted from the test."

We not only use the Aromatabs for anxious and claustrophobic patients, but also use them as an air freshener while in the room or in the bore of the magnet. 

We always let the patient know that it will not hurt to try using them and it is very easy to remove them from the area as the smell is on a "Tab" and not sprayed into the air. 

We have had great success in using these and encourage other departments to try them.







Debbie J. Folz

MRI Facilitator

HSHS St. Vincent Hospital


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