May 5, 2015

Taking Care of Our Corner of Mother Earth

Earth Day was an initiative that was started  45 years ago, and is often referred to as the birth of the modern environmental movement.

It is now the largest civic event in the world with over a billion people participating in Earth Day activities. My junior high school on Long Island, NY was an early adapter of Earth Day and sent several hundred students outdoors picking up trash each year.  These Earth Day events left such an impression on me as to how much litter is tossed on roadsides and in our waterways that I’ve been an advocate against littering for most of my life.

Beekley Corporation is located on Prestige Lane, a quiet street right around the corner from ESPN world headquarters.

Each year when the snow finally melts, we are left with an array of trash that is in sharp contrast to Beekley’s beautiful park like setting. This year, a group of Beekley associates put on our latex gloves and with heavy duty garbage bags in hand, ventured out on Prestige Lane to pick up the assortment of trash.

We accumulated quite a plethora of coffee cups, glass, empty alcohol bottles and other assorted beverages, and even large pieces of plastic from a car! One associate, Kristie Oren, even spread wild flower seeds so that we will be reminded when we see the wildflowers, that each of us really can make a difference in taking care of our Earth.

Happy Earth Day!


Jane Reik
Recruiting Manager

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