August 10, 2015

Shipwrecked! Beekley Associates "Lost" at Sea

Ahoy Matey's - Welcome aboard the SS Beekley!    

Join us on a gold cruise of excellence as we celebrate the milestones and successes of our Beekley Team so far this year.  A chance to kick back, have some fun, engage in interdepartmental team-building and some friendly competition. This year's theme, if you haven't guessed by now, was nautical. A dress down day for us, Associates were encouraged to dress for a day at sea and were assigned  their "deck" as they entered the Beekley Continuous Learning Center for some "state of the  company" announcements and buffet luncheon - if only they knew what we had in store for them afterward! But more on that later...          

I love our mid-year corporate celebrations - especially when we have so much to celebrate: 

The "state of the company" is great! Beekley Corporation continues to be a healthy, solid company with both divisions, Prestige Lane Hospitality Brands and Beekley Medical, meeting and exceeding forecasted growth for midyear. 

We have retained and attracted top talent! Proven performers have been promoted and terrific new Associates in Sales, Systems, Manufacturing, Product Management, and Product Development have been added to our Beekley Team.

We also invested heavily this year in digital technology, software and infrastructure to better serve our customers and streamline our internal operations. In addition to a new, upgraded, and  integrated website/store for Beekley Medical, we enhanced our capabilities for electronic ordering with the addition of GHX.          

A new joint ventures and acquisitions arm of Beekley Corporation was introduced: WMB Enterprises was created to help individuals and companies looking for a partner to bring their product ideas to market, or to increase market penetration of existing products. I am pleased to announce that we have three current such partnerships in the works and several others in the exploratory stage to see if they are a fit for our business, culture, and mission of making the lives of everyone we touch a little better.       

Speaking of Beekley's culture and mission; Beekley Associates were asked to complete an anonymous survey about their feelings about Beekley as a place to work. Usually these surveys get a 60% average response rate from employees. Beekley's response rate of 92% shows what a committed and engaged group we have! Although, we don't yet know our official ranking until September, we do know that Beekley Corporation will once again be a Top 25 Best Place to Work in Connecticut!   We are fortunate to have an amazing team of Associates who took the time to share their feedback on what makes us a Great Small Company and how we can continuously improve and innovate.  

So how does all this great news tie into our associates being shipwrecked?  Lost at sea?    

A healthy company must always be prepared to weather a few storms. Our poor SS Beekley encountered an terrible "storm" and our associates found themselves on a remote island.  Their challenge: convince the native islanders to help them get home by making their case to the "elders" about how much their contributions to the world would be missed if they were forced to stay on the island.       

Did they succeed?  You be the judge:  



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Ayn S. LaPlant
President and CEO

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