September 21, 2015

Patient's Guide to Mammography Skin Markers (educational poster)

Supplement your intake histories and standardization protocols with this easy visual for patients about the purpose of each skin marker shape used in mammography.  

Patients sometimes hold back important information out of fear and technologists may get too busy and forget to ask these questions. This 11" x 17" poster, inspired by Dr. Alex Merkulov (Assistant Professor of Radiology/Section Head of Women's Imaging, UCONN Health Center), offers a prompt to patients to alert the technologist doing their mammogram of areas on their breast that should be marked. It also helps technologists alleviate any potential patient concerns when skin markers are applied.

Ideal for dressing rooms, imaging rooms, and even reading rooms, this poster is a gentle reinforcement of your mammography skin marking protocols facility or system-wide.

To get this complimentary poster for your facility, download and print or request copies through your Beekley Medical Account Manager (1-800-233-5539) or email   





Mary Lang
Senior Marketing Communications Manager

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