June 28, 2019

Introducing the New Look of Beekley Medical

Everything evolves – technology, communication, and even brands.

2019 marks the 85th year that our parent company, Beekley Corporation, has been in continuous business. Starting out as a printing and lithographic company, Beekley made its name in the healthcare industry as the premier supplier of cohesive hospital charting sheets.

In 1983, Beekley Corporation entered the medical device market when it introduced the X-SPOT, the first professional skin marker to communicate areas if interest on radiographic films. The success of the X-SPOT led to the evolution of Beekley Corporation, printer, to Beekley Medical, medical device manufacturer, as we partnered with imaging professionals to create modality-specific devices that would replace makeshift methods and improve accuracy, communication, productivity, and most importantly, patient care.   

Always an innovative, forward-thinking company, Beekley Medical has responded to evolution within our industry with the introduction of products and educational materials that help our customers respond to technological advancements, restructuring of reimbursement rates that put a greater emphasis on patient satisfaction, changes in governing body (e.g. MQSA; the Joint Commission) regulations and guidelines, and internal mandates to standardize practices and control costs. 

Some of these products and services go well beyond our core customers in the imaging modalities, bringing the Beekley brand into areas such as dental, labor and delivery, elder care, rehabilitation centers, perioperative services and more. 

Over the past few years, our international footprint has expanded with a growing roster of distribution partners providing Beekley Medical products to 50 countries (and counting) across the globe.

Beekley has also partnered with inventors and other manufacturers to help them bring their products to market which have also helped expand our presence in healthcare as whole.  

As a dynamic, growing company, 85 years young, we challenged our Senior Graphic Designer and Branding Manager, Jody Searing, to give us a fresh new look, while still maintaining our heritage and brand promise that our customers have come to identify with Beekley Medical.

The new logo is posed to flex with the movement and growth of our company and the updated brand identity system reflects a clean, clinical, and modern look that pairs well with all our product brands—it demonstrates quality and innovation while maintaining a high-tech aesthetic.

Customers will start seeing the new logo as we roll it out on our collateral, packaging, and digital properties and note a crisper, cleaner look with more open white space enhancing our brands and evoking our mission to always deliver a quality product and quality experience to both our customers and their patients. 




















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Mary Lang
Senior Marketing Communications Manager

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