March 10, 2017

How Beekley Medical Helps Supply Chain Management by Flying Under the Radar

At Beekley Medical, we like to joke that we're the best vendor most of our healthcare system customers' supply chain managers didn't even know they had.  

The reason for that is simple - we make their job easier simply by not being high on the radar. Because, in the world of supply chain management, being a vendor high on the radar means your name is familiar for the things you are not doing well, rather for the things that you do do well.   

Vendor inefficiencies cost time, money, and impact patient care  

The role of supply chain management in healthcare is to ensure that the right medical equipment, devices, and other items are where they need to be, when they need to be there. 

Vendor inefficiencies in the supply stream, such as back-ordered product, incorrect order fulfillment, and inconsistent product quality, not only disrupt your day - but also that of the clinical staff that rely on you to ensure they have the right materials on hand for their patient care.  

While no vendor or supply partner is perfect 100% of the time, the supply chain managers we have spoken to admit that the vendors they tend to be most familiar with are the ones they have to put out the most fires with to resolve issues with delivery, order fulfillment, defective/unacceptable product, and more.    

35 years of reliable service 

With products that are used on over 20 million patients/year in Mammography, Specimen RadiographyCT, MRI, X-Ray, and Radiation Oncology; Beekley Medical has a proven history of living up to customer expectations and our commitments so that they can focus on what’s truly important, instead of fighting fires when the supply chain flow is disrupted.    

The very things we are known for by your end users are the very things that supply chain professionals want and appreciate in their vendor relationships:  

  • Quality consistency & clinical efficacy (5 year average of 95.1% perfect product shipped)
  • Order accuracy (5 year average of 99.85%)
  • A commitment to no back-orders with consistent same or next day shipping of orders
  • Shipping flexibility – use your carrier or ours
  • Never a restocking fee – no questions asked returns for easy exchanges or product upgrades
  • Knowledgeable, supportive dedicated account management before, during, and after implementation

National Account Managers  

So, if we’re not high on your radar, that means we’re doing our job in making the job of supply chain management a little bit easier:   

“As a member of the Sourcing team I am lucky enough to work with my National Accounts Manager who is one of the most forthright professionals I have had the pleasure of dealing with in my nearly 28 years of hospital Supply Chain experience. Long gone are the days when I would have to deal with order placement, inventory control, back-order problems and the like, but as a member of the Sourcing team I am lucky enough to work with her on such matters as ‘pricing’ or ‘correct part numbers’ to make the process for everyone else as seamless as it possibly can be. I feel that for anyone involved with Sourcing and Contracts – working with Beekley would be like a breath of fresh air compared to many other vendors we have in our database. The ease of working with Beekley ranks them at the top of any vendor I currently work with." 

Brian Stinson
Contract Administrator
Providence Health & Services

So isn’t it time to get to know us better?    

Connect with your National Account Manager to discuss where and how else we can add value to your organization and help you save time and money. Call us at 1-800-233-5539 or email 


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Mary Lang
Senior Marketing Communications Manager

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