May 20, 2015

Fighting the Anxiety of Fighting Cancer

I am a cancer patient at Midwestern Hospital – The Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Zion, Illinois.  Although no one wants cancer, if you need to fight it, this is the medical center to go to. 

Everything you need or want is in one building. It is so wonderful there; they are so loving and caring.  I always tell people if the whole world could be how everyone is inside that building, it would be such a wonderful world.  When you are there, you’re talking and wishing each other well even though you don’t know each other.  You all know and care for each other because you’re all going down the same path of cancer treatment.

No matter how nice the people are or the how beautiful and inviting the building is – you are still there to fight cancer which causes me anxiety.  But Cancer Centers of America do certain things to make your experience as a patient better.

One of the those things is to offer an aromatherapy product called Elequil. When I arrived for my follow-up checkups, I noticed 2 boxes with 2 different scent options to choose from.  One helps calm and relax; the other one helps soothe nausea.  So I took a couple and slapped one on right away and realized how well it worked.

It just calms you down.   I have used essential oils before and put a few dabs on my hands, but Elequil helps even much better than that because it is right under your face, on the lapel of your shirt. It's nice because you have it right there when you are driving or walking into an appointment.  I haven’t found anything that works as well for me as these.  I always look to get an Elequil aromatab when I check in.

It is the best thing I’ve run across so far for calming.  Especially for when I am nervous going for a checkup to get my blood drawn and then having to wait a couple of hours for the results to see where my numbers are for my cancer – they will either be good or bad. 

It is a very stressful time.  The first thing you do when you check in is get your blood drawn and for the rest you're waiting until you meet up with your doctor for him to give you your numbers - that’s what you are constantly thinking about.  So by having Elequil available helps me feel calmer going through this process. 

Because you need something to help you feel better and to just exhale.


John W. 

Waukegan, IL


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