November 26, 2014

Eight Decades of a Great Small Company

Beekley Corporation has been in continuous business for 80 years this month - more than a significant milestone, it is a rare accomplishment!

According to the Connecticut Secretary of State’s office, less than the 2% of all CT companies started before 1935 are still in business. While others have come and gone in the last 80 years, Beekley is still here -not just surviving, but strong and thriving!

Not only is Beekley one of Connecticut’s longest lived businesses, it has also been recognized as one of the best small companies in the state in which to work.

So, what does it take to survive and thrive in today’s world?  What does Beekley do to fuel continuous success? And what can we do today and tomorrow to ensure that Beekley Corporation celebrates our 100 anniversary in 2034?

First of all, we only hire first class people and we retain only first class people.  In fact, here at Beekley, we live by Mason Beekley’s constant creed:  To be world class in everything we do. World class is first class.  First class people. First class customers. First class products. First class partners and suppliers. First class sales, marketing, finance, manufacturing, IT, customer service, R&D and in every job or function in this great small company. 

Beekley’s culture is a winning culture. Beekley’s culture is different than any other company’s culture  We do things differently. We act, think, and decide differently. We have fun differently.  Let’s face it, we are different and we love our difference. We know how to work with each other.  We appreciate and value each other. We are polite and respectful to each other. We are nice to each other.  We respect our brand and our customers. 

This is what has helped make Beekley 80 years strong and what will help make us 100 years strong! 

Happy 80th anniversary and my heartfelt admiration and appreciation for all each of our associates, customers, and business partners - past and present - have done to keep us on top for 80 years!

Thank you to our amazing Beekley team and family.


A Culture of Happiness 80 Years Strong! 

From Business Forms to Medical Devices - 80 Years of Specialization, Innovation, and Adaptability





Ayn S. LaPlant
President and CEO

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