September 17, 2014

Breast Cancer Awareness Month - The Power of Providing That Extra Care

“Mammograms and Manicures,” “Mammothons,” “Pink Outs,” – welcome to National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Communities around the globe are helping to raise breast cancer awareness during October with numerous events and celebrations, while acting as a reminder for women to schedule their annual mammography exam with the gifts and promotions brought to their attention throughout the month.

One idea for a patient "gift" that not only provides that extra caring touch, but also a clinical benefit is Beekley Medical’s Bella Blankets® protective coverlets.

Whether it’s an analog, digital,or 3-D unit that a breast is compressed on, Bella Blankets are continuing to add value to women who receive their mammograms during this and every month.

“Patients love them,” Bristol Hospital Chief Technologist Lori Smarkus said. “They come in, feel them, and then after (the exam) they mention that it is not as cold.”

Bella Blankets are an ultra-thin protective coverlet that adhere to the receptor plate – a new, fresh one applied per patient. The product is made thin by design to allow technologists to position patients closer to the chest wall, with a textured material that helps to immobilize the breast, while shielding cuts and infections in the inframammary fold.

“The patients find the Bella blanket to be very comfortable and sanitary,” Ella Health Langhorne Center Manager Linda Zampirri said. “They think it is a wonderful idea and never complain about the bucky being cold; that’s a biggy!”

Anyone working in the field of radiology knows the buzz that surrounds mammography suites in October. So why not provide an extra incentive for patients to schedule their annual mammogram at your facility this month by providing them a product that will not only enhance their experience, but can help to provide them a better clinical outcome? 

“(Bella Blankets) helps us to get more breast tissue,” Smarkus said. “(Also) it’s sanitary for the patients.”

In October, facilities market to increase volumes, so what month is better than this to showcase to your community the importance your facility places on improving clinical outcomes, satisfying patients and providing a sanitary, safe environment?





Sarah Gomes
Account Manager

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