September 28, 2018

Bella's Art Supplies - A Beekley Customer Gets Creative with Upcycling

One of the many things we love about our customers is that they share our mission to help make the lives of everyone we touch a little better. We are fortunate to work with individuals who have dedicated their lives to caring for others.

And it's not unusual for that caring to extend well beyond direct patient care.

 A.* is a mammography technologist at a hospital on the west coast. In addition to caring for breast health of our nation's veterans, A. is also passionate about caring for the environment and is a huge proponent for recycling and reuse.

Recently, A. shared how she has been putting the paper liners from Bella Blankets® to good use.

Bella Blanket and disposable paper liningFor those who don't know, Bella Blankets are protective coverlets that adhere to the receptor plate.

They provide a textured surface that helps mammography technologists with positioning for optimal tissue acquisition and also help prevent the breast from sticking to the plate after compression, helping to reduce the chance of a skin tears to the patient.

The adhesive portion of Bella Blankets is protected by a disposable paper liner.

Turning scrap into art* 

"Meow" illustrationInstead of seeing waste that would go into the paper recycle bin, A., who has been using Bella Blankets since 2015, saw an opportunity to give back to her community.

She started saving the paper liners and donating them to the schools her daughter and son attend as art supplies.

A. told us, "The paper liner is great quality and excellent for water colors because they do not bleed to the other side."


*It should be noted that A. takes great care to avoid the paper liner from coming into contact with the patient before saving and donating it to the school.

Help for teachers 

Considering that school teachers in the United States spend an average of $479 out of their own pocket on school supplies, this seemingly small gesture may make a big difference, especially when the arts are usually in the first round of budget cuts. We love A.'s idea of upcycling and wanted to share it with others.

Incidentally, A.'s daughter's name is Isabella, Bella for short, so it seems kind of fitting that inspiration for art supplies came from Bella Blankets. We were inspired to make our receptor plate covers pretty in order to make what most women view as an unpleasant exam seem more welcoming and friendly - hence the name Bella, which is beautiful in Italian.

Now thanks to Isabella and her mom, school children can use the liners to create their own beauty in the world.


Bella's Art Gallery
"Girl and Rabbit" illustration "untitled abstract" illustration "Volcano" illustration

*Name is withheld for privacy reasons

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