August 21, 2015

All Aboard the S.S. Beekley for the Mid-Year Luncheon Event

Ahoy! Beekley associates from all departments have just returned from a trip on the S.S. Beekley. With the spirit of creativity and a lot of fun, Beekley associates joined together in celebrating mid-year accomplishments and their company. The mid-year luncheon was as much about enjoying the successes of Beekley Corporation in the first half of 2015 as it was about celebrating the passionate, unique corporate culture found at the company.
To kick off the event, employees discussed their roles at the company, how they feel they might make a difference in the world because of it, and what they enjoy most. Employees were then grouped into teams tasked with discovering a way off the fictitious island they were marooned on by convincing “village elders” why they needed to go home to Beekley.
Throughout all of this, one thing became clear: Beekley Corporation is a family.
Beekley is a unique company in that each and every one of its employees feels like a member of an extended family, a family that includes patients, customers, vendors, coworkers, and even their own families at home. As it became clear during the mid-year luncheon event, every Beekley employee and every job they do is important. Our employees impact the lives of everyone they touch, whether it is through world-class customer care thanks to our customer care team and products like Skin Markers and our aromatherapy tabs, or top-notch manufacturing of products for mammography and MRI procedures.
Our experiences, our jobs, and our products change lives. And that makes Beekley quite a great family to be a part of.
Watch this video for more pictures of this wonderful celebration of Beekley's culture and impact!
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Jessica Harvey
Sales & Marketing Support Specialist

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