June 27, 2018

Skin Tear During Mammogram - A Patient's Shared Story


I found your site after acquiring a skin tear during my mammogram today.

First, I want to say that I did not pull away! There was a lot of emphasis on that in my reading. I soon will be 60 and have had mammograms beginning in my early 20's. The masses were always benign, but they always kept a close eye on me.

If anything, I hugged closer as I pleaded with the technician that my skin was stuck and tearing and she ignored me.

I guess I could be partly at fault. I worked all night. Showered when I arrived home. Dried off, but thought, "why wear a bra, I will be just taking it off."

I did not realize that my pendulous breasts had trapped moisture that may have not occurred had I worn that bra. My skin stuck. She pulled.

Despite my pleas, she ignored me and it tore. Surgery, with no anesthesia!

She said, "Oh, yes that did tear. I will be more careful on the other side. And I will mark it on your record for next time."

Next time??? There will be no next time! I have had cancer and a stem cell transplant which were a cake-walk compared to this shearing pain.

Name: Deborah G.
Job Title: RN - Supervisor
State: PA

Editor's Note: 

We want to thank Deborah for sharing her story about her experience with a skin tear during her recent mammogram. In the article "Skin Tears in Mammography Happen...But Do They Have To?," We shared that Bella Blankets® protective coverlets for mammography help to prevent breasts from sticking to the receptor plate.  If you're prone to sticking or tearing during your mammogram, ask your breast center about Bella Blankets. Many facilities are looking for ways to improve patient care and satisfaction and Bella Blankets is one simple and easy-to-implement method that can help them do just that. 


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