July 21, 2014

A Culture of Happiness 80 Years Strong!

“We are a happy organization – that’s the most important thing. Our success and growth is due to our people.”    

These words were spoken by W.Mason Beekley, my predecessor and mentor, in 1984 - a reflection and continuance of the company culture his father, F. Cheney Beekley, established some 50 years earlier. I couldn't be more pleased to share that as we enter in our 80th year, Beekley Corporation is still a very happy and successful organization.  

As a company, we are always thinking of the four sustaining factors for business success- marketing, innovation, wise leadership, and most importantly - a winning culture!  The secret sauce to our success is indeed our people, the Beekley TEAM who makes it happen in both the good times and bad times. A team that truly exemplifies that Together Everyone Achieves More. 

I recently had the honor of delivering the "State of  Beekley" report card at our Mid-Year Corporate Luncheon to all of our Beekley Customer Teams. With the healthcare industry facing uncertainty, consolidation, and budget cuts and a hospitality industry still recovering from the recession; Beekley Corporation is thriving thanks to the dedication and incredible results of our people to anticipate and exceed the needs of our customers - what we define as World Class Customer Care and one of Beekley's core values as a company.

When you do good things for your customers, consistently and sincerely, their business and loyalty are their way of saying thank you. So on behalf of our customers,and joining in with them, a big Thank You to our Beekley Team!

One of our other core values it to Have Fun (work hard, play hard)! To celebrate the good works of our associates, we feted them with a western-themed barbecue luncheon, grouped them into random teams spanning all departments and divisions, gave them some arts and crafts materials, and challenged them to create a poster that would help travelers to the "Beekley Corral" better understand the "townsfolk" before they get here, choosing one of the following themes:  

  • How have you made a difference at Beekley?
  • How has Beekley Impacted You?
  • How have you made a positive impact or difference with our internal or external customers.

I was touched, but not surprised, that the all the teams echoed the same messages in their posters; happiness, personal and professional growth, solid foundation and core values, work-life balance, positive atmosphere, and pride in making a difference in people's lives.  

A happy organization?  You bet!  See it for yourself:              


Ayn S. LaPlant
President and CEO
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