April 3, 2014

Why Bring Your New Product Idea to Beekley Medical?

Did you know that Beekley Medical partners with medical professionals who see a better way to do things and helps them bring their ideas to market?  If you have an idea for a disposable medical device, this is why it makes sense to work with us:   

  1. Long, successful, history of working with inventors
  2. Company size allows us to take on projects that may be turned down by larger companies
  3. Accept only projects we are truly interested in working on. There’s no black hole here.
  4. Fair, standard royalty rates offered
  5. Collaborative, yet allow individual inventors to decide how much they’d like to participate in the development process
  6. No investment from inventors is required. We’ll handle it all…research, engineering, patenting, marketing, etc

Although our current products are sold primarily to Radiology, Surgery, and Radiation Oncology; we are very open to new products and markets.  So bring us your ideas and prototypes and we'll help develop  and sell your product. 

Want to learn more? Visit Inventor Success Stories on our website or email

Mary Lang
Senior Marketing Communications Manager
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