March 31, 2017

​Therapeutic Aromatherapy as Integrative Care in Radiation Oncology

Treatments, regular testing, coping with symptoms of the disease, and side effects from medication can drain cancer patients both physically and emotionally.

Radiation oncology providers are keenly aware of this and strive to help reduce the stress, anxiety, and nervousness their patients experience during treatment and beyond.

Counseling, therapy, and financial advisory programs for patients are not uncommon. Neither are integrative care services such as hydrotherapy, massage, or aromatherapy.

Why cancer centers use aromatherapy as integrative care

According to the National Cancer Institute, studies in animals show sedative and stimulant effects of specific essential oils as well as positive effects on behavior and the immune system. Functional imaging studies in humans support the influence of odors on the limbic system and its emotional pathways.

Cancer centers using aromatherapy often do so as a means to promote relaxation for their patients,soothe queasiness, and to provide an overall better experience during treatment. 

The challenges with current methods using aromatherapy oils in the clinical setting

  • It's difficult and expensive is obtain high quality pure essential oils. Some essential oils can be quite costly and not every retailer sells premium grades.
  • It’s very easy to have inconsistency in the amount of oils, or blend of oils when pouring oils into a diffuser or applying to a cotton ball. As a result, the desired impact can vary from day to day and patient to patient.
  • It can be messy if oils are spilled or applied too liberally.


However, despite these challenges, aromatherapy remains an easy-to-implement integrative therapy that helps to improve the patient experience.

That's why Beekley Medical designed Elequil aromatabs® for specifically for clinical settings. Elequil® is made from 100% pure essential oils and is presented in a unique, controlled delivery system (see video below) that allows for strength of scent options and all day personal use - patients can wear Elequil® during simulation, while waiting for treatment, and even at home after treatment.

The Lavender and Lavender-Sandalwood scents promote relaxation, comfort, and sleep; Orange-Peppermint helps to uplift, energize, and soothe queasiness.


Used in over 900 hospitals in the US alone, Elequil helps you improve the patient experience:

“We typically use the orange-peppermint Elequil® for our patients in the Oncology setting. Elequil® is wonderful in helping control queasiness. Currently, we send them home with our patients to use between treatments, and then they have them on hand in a time of need. Great product.” Director of Oncology Services at Clinch Valley Medical Center, Richland, Virginia.

Visit to learn more about Elequil® and therapeutic aromatherapy in clinical settings like yours.


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Jonathan McCullough
Product Manager
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