November 20, 2014

Supporting Your Patient-Centric Initiatives With Beekley Medical

Since establishing our involvement and impact in healthcare, Beekley Medical has always been committed to making a positive difference in the lives of our customers and patients.  In fact, when considering new product ideas, whether or not our innovation will help enhance lives carries heavy weight on advancing a potential product to the next stage of development.

As we learned from a recent blog about the history of Beekley Corporation, since the 1960’s we have been committed to the concept of saving time, improving data, and helping to protect against financial losses.  Little did we know then how utterly important these concepts would be 50 years later when healthcare reform was rolled out and healthcare facilities would be held more accountable than ever.

With patient satisfaction being one of the main driving components for reimbursement, making a positive impact in patient lives is not just Beekley’s main objective; it is also that of medical facilities nationwide.  Likewise, we can see why new positions such as Chief Experience Officer (CXO), is one of the 11 emerging leadership roles.

To show our support in the development and execution of this role, Beekley Medical is looking forward to exhibiting at Next Generation Patient Experience in Dallas December 2-4.

During this show we will be highlighting three patient-centric products that have been proven to help increase patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes and support facilities’ current initiatives to show patients how much they really care about the patient’s overall experience at the facility.

AromaTabs®, one of the products being showcased, uses aromatherapy to help relax patients during difficult exams and stays. In addition to helping to empowering patients, AromaTabs has also been helping coping families and caregivers alike.  The delivery system of AromaTabs is unique, in that the aromatherapy is self-contained and allows the aromatherapy scent to be contained to the person wearing AromaTabs.  AromaTabs uses 100% pure essential oils and there have been many studies that prove essential oils help in the clinical setting.  AromaTabs will certainly leave your patients, visitors, and staff feeling extraordinary.

With so many health care decisions made by the woman in the family, offering the best mammogram experience gives them the confidence to bring the entire family back for all other necessary medical services. Bella Blankets® protective coverlets will also be featured at the event. Bella Blankets help to provide a better mammogram experience by removing the chill, protecting patients from sticking and skin tears, and enabling technologists to achieve better positioning and better tissue acquisition.

Breeza® is a flavored beverage for oral iodinated contrast that has a unique bitterness blocker to mask the bitter taste of contrast and will also be highlighted at the event. Patient and technologist feedback has shown that patients actually like the way it tastes. In addition, patients experience fewer side effects when oral contrast is administered and they can get through the exam faster to get on with their day.

We invite you to stop by booth #8 and visit us, request samples, and to learn more about how we can partner together to help show your patients their comfort and care are your number one priority!


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Kelly Vazana
Sales Specialist

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