November 14, 2014

RSNA 2014: Beekley Medical Introduces Next-Generation Skin Markers for 3D Mammography

As the Radiologic Society of North America celebrates 100 years of advances in radiography, Beekley Medical will be introducing the next generation of mammography skin makers for the latest advancements in breast imaging.

TomoSPOT™ skin markers for 3D breast tomosynthesis, the first skin markers expressly designed, tested, and proven to reduce the potential for slinky artifact seen with older-generation skin markers while subtly highlighting and communicating areas of interest or concern on the breast to help rule out most questionable findings related to skin lesions, nipple location and type, excisional scar location from previous surgical procedures, palpable masses, and non-palpable areas of concern or pain. 

Visit Beekley Medical at Booth #2309 to learn how combining 3D breast tomosynthesis with a TomoSPOT skin marking protocol helps: 


​Available exclusively through Beekley Medical within the United Sates and select distribution partners outside the U.S. 

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Mary Lang
Senior Marketing Communications Manager

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