May 6, 2015

Raising Awareness for Cancer Research - Where Science Enables Hope.

We are all familiar with cancer awareness and how each month has the designation of awareness for specific types cancers.

Perhaps one of the most well-known is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which takes place during the month of October. You will find everyone from athletes to politicians donning the color pink in an effort to raise awareness, and support during that month.

But what happens once the awareness of particular cancer is raised and donations are gathered?  

Some of the monies raised are funneled back into awareness promotion, some go to screening and treatment programs, and some go to research - where the real hope for the cure can begin. 

May 2015 is designated as Cancer Research Month

According to the World Health Organization, cancers are among the leading causes of morbidity and mortality worldwide. Over 30% of cancers can be prevented by healthy life style or by immunization against cancer causing infections ( HBV, HPV). Others can be detected early, treated, and cured. Even with late stage cancer, the suffering of patients can be relieved with good palliative care.

To give you an idea of how important research is in the efforts of finding a cure for cancer, the proof is in the numbers. 

In 1992, seven million more people were surviving cancer due in part because of research. That number raised to 14 million in 2014. According to the National Cancer Institute, basic, molecular, epidemiologic, and clinical research are all catalysts to improving cancer prevention, screening, and treatment.

So I know you are sitting there wondering, how can I get involved, how can I help raise awareness this month for research?

There are many opportunities to get involved out there ranging from a bargain hunter's dream to a driven athlete's challenge.

Shoppers are able to partake in this fundraising opportunity with Coupons For Change, a partnership initiative through and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. All throughout the month of May, when shoppers use qualified offers to save, will donate a certain percentage to help fund breast cancer research.

"Every two minutes a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer in the U.S. Through our invaluable partnership with, we are able to reach more and more people who can help us change the statistics on breast cancer and save lives," said Myra Biblowit, CEO and President of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. "Every hour of research that is funded helps shape outcomes for millions of women and men around the world."

For all you athletes out there, Lockport Fitness Center in New York is encouraging the public to partake in a spin class on one particular day this month, which will result in half the funds being donated; while on a national scale, Race For The Cure has numerous events where do-gooders can participate throughout the month. 

Whether it's a smaller-scale event in your town or a nationally-publicized fundraising opportunity, every little bit matters. 

Of course you can always make a direct donation to the American Association for Cancer Research or the cancer research association of your choice anytime of the year, so say "absolutely" to supporting cancer research this month, not just "MAYbe."





Sarah Gomes
Account Manager

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