July 18, 2014

Pre-Surgery Anxiety Relief - How Beekley Medical's AromaTabs Helped Me

I would really like to share my experience with Beekley Medical's AromaTabs, and I hope they will help bring relief to others around the world who are confronted with medical procedures of all types.

I went through a period in my life recently, having several surgeries for breast cancer and related issues. I suffered from severe anxiety as surgery day approached and sometimes was nearly inconsolable when the day arrived. Sometimes I would have to sit in the pre-op for several hours before it started and it was almost unbearable. I was given drugs pre-surgery which helped but i would then sit there in an absolute fog, which I didn't enjoy very much - but it was better than the tears.

My doctors and anesthesiologists were very aware of my anxiety and did all they could to help me through each surgery. For one of my final surgeries I got my hands on one of Beekley's Lavender-Sandalwood AromaTabs and thought I would give it a try. It certainly could not hurt to stick it to my hospital gown. Wow...

I sat for a few hours with husband and what a difference! My doctor stopped in and commented on my demeanor and how calm I was compared to my usual melt downs. My husband too was amazed. I found that as soon as the anxiety would creep up, I would just close my eyes, take several deep breaths and focus on the scent - and I'd be back to chatting with my husband. They did not give me any extra drugs that day. It is incredible that something so small could make such a big impact on a very scary experience.

Thank you for creating this wonderful product! I hope we can spread the word so others too can experience the benifits.

Name: Erica L
Job Title:
City: Wolcott
State: CT

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