October 6, 2014

New TomoSPOT Skin Markers Help Reduce Risk of False Negatives & Positives in 3D Mammography

Despite its advanced technology in finding more cancers and lowering overall recall rates, uncertainty of findings still occurs in digital breast tomosynthesis leading to additional procedures or missed diagnoses - much of which could have been prevented with the use of a skin marker to indicate specific areas of breast anatomy.

For decades, interpreting radiologists have benefited from mammography skin markers which communicate important information to help rule out most questionable findings related to skin lesions, nipple location and type, excisional scar location from previous surgical procedures, palpable masses, and non-palpable areas of concern/pain during their interpretation of images.    

Because of the tomosynthesis unit’s sensitivity to dense objects, any density (including some calcifications) has the potential to cause an unusual artifact effect commonly referred to as “slinkying.”  Older, denser, mammography skin markers made for analog or early 2D digital technologies are not optimal for this next generation of breast imaging.  

To reduce this artifact without sacrificing the benefits of skin markers in identifying, documenting, and communicating breast anatomy; Beekley Medical, the innovator and leader of skin marking technology, developed TomoSPOT skin markers for 3D breast tomosynthesis.

TomoSPOT skin markers utilize a very low density material that subtly highlights areas of interest or concern on the breast and have been extensively tested and proven to reduce the potential for slinky artifact under 3D breast tomosynthesis.

Combining 3D breast tomosynthesis with a TomoSPOT skin marking protocol provides higher specificity of findings, reduces liability, and supports efforts to achieve the lowest possible mammography recall rates.

TomoSPOT skin markers for indicating nipples, moles, scars, palpable masses, and non-palpable areas of concern are available exclusively through Beekley Medical in the United States and select distribution partners outside the U.S.

To learn more about TomoSPOT skin markers for 3D breast tomosynthesis or to request samples for evaluation, call 1-800-233-5539 or visit www.beekley.com       



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Mary Lang
Senior Marketing Communications Manager

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