February 14, 2020

Career Change Becomes a Life Saver: How Joining Beekley Medical Impacted My Mindset

People ask me all the time, “do you miss teaching?” 

There are many ways I could answer this question. I could give an emphatic “NO.” I could say, “I missed teaching when it was actually ‘teaching’.” 

Or, I could say that I AM still teaching, it’s just that my classroom and audience has changed.

Burnt out and in need of a change

I traded the elementary classroom for a medical device company almost 3 years ago.  

I was burned out and in need of a major change in attitude and outlook. Beekley has given me both.  

After applying to over 100 medical sales positions in my final years as a teacher, I secured little more than a “thanks, but no thanks”. 

Can a teacher sell? 

The number one reason I wasn’t considered for these positions was that I didn’t have any sales experience. What could a 5th grade teacher possibly know about selling pharmaceuticals or medical devices to hospital administrators, doctors, and nurses?? 

In my mind, I thought, “if I can sell the less-than-riveting stories of early American colonists with humor and fun to a classroom of ten-year-old’s then I can sell anything.” But hiring managers didn’t see it that way.

Recognizing potential

Beekley Medical® was different.

They saw a glimmer of something in me throughout the interview process that made them take a chance on this “Career Changer.” I had never heard that term before I came to Beekley, but I liked it. 

I started as an Account Manager at Beekley Medical® on May 18, 2017. 

As with all new associates, Beekley welcomed me with a big announcement touting my success as an educator and highlighting the fact that I was starting a new career - one that was completely different from the life I had known for almost two decades! 

In those first 30 days, I heard over and over from other Associates how different the Beekley culture was; how unique and wonderful the philosophy of this “Great Small Company” was. To be honest, I was very skeptical.

The Beekley Culture – too good to be true? 

Every day people were so… Chipper. Positive. Kind. Appreciative. 

It was all a little unnerving because I had come from such a toxic situation. It all seemed too good, so I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop.

I can best equate it to a loving family that takes in a rescue dog. That pup will cower in the corner for weeks, conditioned to fear its environment. But with patience and encouragement from its new forever home, the pet will gradually start learning its new surroundings and begin trusting its family. Beekley Medical® became that forever family for me.

Set up for success

The training I received in their 30-60-90 Day program was top-notch! Immensely thorough, supportive and so well structured.

I was inspired and excited to learn for the first time since my years in grad school! I was treated like an equal player, a valued member of a team. A feeling I had long lost sight of in those final years in education.

It has been almost 3 years since I took that leap of faith to make a drastic change in my career, and honestly, I haven’t looked back!

I can’t thank Beekley Medical®, and all of those who work here, enough for the incredible opportunities I have been given by being a part of this exceptional culture. 

An example for other companies 

Beekley took a chance on this teacher, and my hope is that other companies can learn from them and bring “career changers” like myself on board. 

We offer not only a fresh new perspective and an eagerness to learn, but an approach to the positions we fill that may otherwise be missed. 

“No experience” in a role does not equal no ability. It means a company can give them all the experience in the world and reap the benefits and success that is guaranteed to follow.


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Beth King
Business Development Manager, New Innovations

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