April 3, 2014

A Study to Determine How Aromatherapy May Reduce Patient Anxiety

More than just a spa-like experience, Aromatherapy is used around the world as an alternative solution to enhance the patient experience and help to change the psychological effect of a person's mindset simply by breathing in essential oils. Morristown Medical Center approached Beekley Medical over a year ago to help prove just that by using AromaTabs in their controlled study.

At the recent NCoBC (National Consortium of Breast Centers)  Beekley Medical's Certified Aromatherapist Consultant, Caryn Gehlmann and I had the pleasure of meeting Renee Trambert, RN, MPH, CBPN & Betty Woo, RN of Morristown Medical Center, who featured a poster presentation of their IRB approved study on the details of their study regarding the effects of aromatherapy and anxiety reduction in their breast biopsy department.

Renee & Betty are just a small part of the team that have been working on the details and approvals to make this happen - in fact this has been a four year initiative to help increase the level of patient care and reduce anxiety on a very stressful procedure with aromatherapy.

The study kicked off in September 2013 will end in June 2014  with a total of 87 patients.  Patients are given either a Lavender/Sandalwood AromaTab, Orange/Peppermint AromaTab, or an AromaTab placebo to investigate the effects in reduction of anxiety and related psychological changes in patients undergoing image-guided breast biopsies. The study measures state of anxiety, blood pressure, respiration, and pulse.

Renee shared that  the primary reason she used AromaTabs for the study was because the amount of oils used in the product was already pre-determined and is consistent on each AromaTab so the study was controlled.  She added that when using aromatherapy oils on a cotton ball, you cannot always control the amount of drops administered.

Although the study is not complete, over 60 patients have participated to date and although Renee cannot yet share the results with us, the pleased look on her face indicated that the study is going well.  We eagerly await Morristown Medical Center's results because anything that can reduce anxiety and increase the patient experience aligns with Beekley Medical's mission to help positively impact patient's lives and improve clinical outcomes.



Melissa Vibberts
Director of Brand Management

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