June 15, 2018

A Supply Chain Partnership Committed to World Class Customer Care

In order to serve our customers better, Beekley Medical has partnered with one of the largest supply chain consulting companies in the United Sates.  

If you place orders through Cardinal Health for other supplies, you can now also purchase Beekley's Breeza® and Elequil® products through them as well and realize the following benefits:

  • Reduced receiving touch points
  • Reduced number of PO’s and checks cut
  • Reduced stored and managed inventory
  • Quicker access to product


Why Cardinal Health? 

With over 100 years in healthcare, Cardinal Health has a unique understanding of the entire supply chain.

Their nationwide network of distribution centers and world-class integrated logistics services provide the scale and flexibility that supply chain mangers need in today’s budget and efficiency-sensitive healthcare environment.

As manufacturers, we are impressed with Cardinal’s ability to manage order fulfillment through their proprietary warehouse management system, AIMS (Automated Inventory Management System), which has been recognized by the IT industry as a Premier 100 Best in Class WMS.

With a commitment to quality that mirrors our own, Cardinal Health offers solutions that govern compliant handling, storage, packaging, and fulfillment, as well as state-of-the-art temperature monitoring to help protect the integrity of our products.

Beekley customers have always appreciated our commitment to delivering high quality products and services. Our partnership with Cardinal Health is just one more example of how we always strive to add value to both your clinical and financial operations.


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Mary Lang
Senior Marketing Communications Manager

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