August 30, 2019

A Holistic View of Aromatherapy in Clinical Practice – 100 Voices

As one of the market leaders in offering an aromatherapy product in the clinical setting, healthcare facilities look to Beekley Medical® to provide insight on how to start an aromatherapy initiative. We are also asked how other hospitals are using aromatherapy as a non-pharmacological approach to help in patient care.

With so many questions in how to execute an aromatherapy initiative, Beekley Medical partnered with NGPX and WBR Insights to provide real life insight and quantitative data from 100 patient experience professionals in the hospital setting.

Key Findings – Beekley Medical Aromatherapy Report:

  • 68% of organizations have already committed to an aromatherapy program
  • 73% of respondents believe aromatherapy helps or can help improve the patient experience
  • 86% of organizations using aromatherapy report a positive or highly positive patient experience
  • 76% believe aromatherapy is a good solution as a non-pharmaceutical alternative for pain management
  • A majority of respondents are using, will use, or would consider using aromatherapy to help promote sleep (67%), help sooth queasiness (57%), and help with pain (66%).

White Paper Thumbnail Image - Aromatherapy Treatment at the Heart of Patient Care

Click here to download the full report.

Over 1500 hospitals use Elequil aromatabs®, aromatherapy specifically designed for the clinical setting. Elequil adheres to patient’s gown for individual use and offers 100% pure essential oils. Learn directly from clinicians and patients how Elequil aromatabs has helped improve the patient experience.

If you are looking to kick off or enhance an aromatherapy initiative at your facility, Beekley Medical offers policy & procedure templates, patient posters, patient brochures, and  assessment tools to measure pain, anxiousness, and patient satisfaction when using Elequil aromatabs®.

Call your Beekley Medical Account Manager or email to request samples and/or support material to help you get started.


Melissa Vibberts
Director of Brand Management

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