June 15, 2015

Video: Find Your Break Even Point With Breeza® Flavored Beverage for Oral Iodinated Contrast

Looking to improve patient compliance and satisfaction with oral contrast drinking protocols for abdominal CT-Scans but worried about added costs?

Use this simple cost/value/profit analysis formula to find your breakeven point with Breeza® flavored beverage, a one of a kind drink that masks the bitter taste of oral iodinated contrast. You'll be surprised at how little (and how much) impact implementing Breeza flavored beverage in your CT department will have on your bottom line.

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Mary Lang
Senior Marketing Communications Manager
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You've tried fruit juice. You've tried powdered drink mixes. You've probably tried just about everything to make oral iodinated contrast easier to drink for your patients undergoing abdominopelvic CT imaging.    Then you tried Breeza®, the only flavored beverage made...
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