June 2, 2014

Gift Cards for Mammograms? Why Not!

Mother's Day has come and gone. The flowers have wilted and the gift card to the local restaurant is now an extra pound on the scale. The HallmarkR card is either tucked away in a drawer for eternity or is in the garbage for recycling.

Every year it is so hard to think creatively on what to get Mom on her special day.  

But what if you could give your mother, wife, sister, friend the gift of life?  That would certainly prolong your gift and you might finally find yourself the favorite child!

Radiology Associates out of Texas let people do exactly just that with a very creative and unique offering as a gift idea for Mother's Day... a gift card for a MAMMOGRAM!

We know most Moms push their own needs aside and put their family first.  Whether it's passing up a pair of shoes so the kids can get the newest gadget, skipping the bubble bath so she can cook dinner, or delaying that appointment for her annual mammogram because she needs to buy groceries and can't spend the extra money on her health if she is uninsured/underinsured. 

Radiology Associates offered 3 mammogram gift card variations to their community: a $50 gift card used for 3D/Tomosynthesis mammogram; $89 gift card used for screening mammogram; and a $139 gift card used for a screening plus 3D/Tomosynthesis mammogram.

Kudos to their marketing team at this center for being so creative and giving us a new gift idea that helps keep our moms alive!

Will this be a new trend in mammography? In health care? 

I like the idea of a gift that keeps on giving...

Read more about this event and let me know what you think!


Melissa Vibberts
Sr. Product Manager

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