May 9, 2016

From Marketer to Patient – What Now?

My career at Beekley Medical is in marketing.  All of the products I have touched in my marketing role, I believe in and stand behind. 

For the last two years, I have lived & breathed supporting the Elequil aromatabs® brand.  I love this aromatherapy product because it helps relax people when they are under times of stress.  Whether it’s someone getting an MRI and they are nervous, helping a family member cope while a loved one is in hospice, helping staff get through their day when it is tough or even relaxing someone on a flight that has a fear of flying – the list is never ending. I have the blessing of being able to hear these testimonials directly from customers how Elequil has impacted their patients and/or their personal story.  Wow, talk about coming home every day on a natural high for helping to make a difference in someone’s life. 

More recently, I had a personal experience with the Elequil.   I had to have a surgical procedure where I was put under anesthesia. I certainly have had other procedures in my lifetime however this was weighing on me a little differently now that I am a mom.  That one fear that I never had before started creeping into my mind “What if I don’t wake up?” then… the anxiousness started to set in.

Of course, being dedicated to my brand, I had Elequil with me, but I didn’t think I was really going to “need it”.  So as I changed into the hospital gown - hold it, did they say open to the back or open to the front??? I had a brave face but I was breaking out in a sweat, feeling overwhelmed and my coping skills were slowly deteriorating.  I pulled out my Lavender-Sandalwood Elequil, tore it at MAX scent, and adhered to my hospital gown.  As I breathed in deeply, I started to unwind and felt that “I’ve got this” attitude building.  As the pre-op nurse came in to take my blood pressure and insert my IV, she noticed the aromas and asked me about Elequil.  She thought it was a great idea.  She even shared with me, she could have used one to help calm her when returning from medical leave after a patient hit her (wow, what nurses have to tolerate!). 

As I waited 1 ½ hours before being wheeled into the operating room, I was so calm – I nearly fell asleep.  My experience had totally changed since when I first walked in and they handed me that gown. 

As I slowly awakened after surgery, I had my Orange-Peppermint Elequil by my bedside (some people request their loved one when coming out of surgery, my special request was Elequil! J). I was a little queasy, so I put the aromatab on my gown and again took deep breaths.  My queasy stomach soon disappeared and I felt alert and refreshed.  After an hour in recovery, I dressed and transferred my Elequil to my clothes not knowing if I would become ill on the half hour car ride home.  I am so happy to now say that I am a walking testimonial.  There is no better feeling then supporting and marketing a product that aligns with my personal and professional goals – helping to positively impact patients’ lives and improve their clinical experience.

Melissa Vibberts
Sr. Product Manager

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