January 13, 2017

Beekley Medical Expands into Kenya

We had the distinct honor of welcoming Dr. Timothy Mutala recently at our headquarters. Dr. Mutala is a Radiologist at Nairobi University and owner of Sahihi Medical Solutions in Kenya. Dr. Mutala met with several senior leaders, toured the manufacturing and shipping operations, met with our Customer Care Team, and discussed strategy and marketing plans.  It is not often that we are able to facilitate training in person with our partners from around the world, however we were able to discuss standard of care in Mammography.

I met Dr. Mutala at ARAB Health back in January 2014. He is a passionate educator that was drawn to Beekley Medical as he was searching for solutions to improve accuracy in radiology. We have worked closely over the last two years learning each other's best business practices. This has become a strong win-win partnership and I look forward to helping Dr. Mutala in whatever capacity I can to help him grow and expand his business in Kenya.

Beekley Medical is a proud partner to many distributors around the globe who share our mission to help positively impact patients' lives and improve clinical outcomes. 

As we continue to grow, we are always looking for additional distributor relationships in areas currently without representation.

To learn how to become a Beekley Medical distribution partner, visit the Global Sales section on our website,



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Amy Bosco, M.S.
Global Business Development, Senior Manager
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